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Kaash Bowl Wellness (smooth)

Let your feet fly - enjoy a foot massage with a Kaash Bowl

The harmonising Wellness Bowl has smoothly polished surfaces inside and outside. The smooth surface gives the foot massage a flexible and soft quality. It has a balancing and harmonious effect. This gentle massage feels like one continuous stroke and leaves a feeling of relaxed tranquillity. Wellness Ghee has been prepared for use with the Wellness Bowl.

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Like many aspects of Ayurveda, this type of foot massage seems simple but has many facets. The positive effect of a foot massage, already praised for its relaxing effect, enjoys a new dimension when using a Kaash Bowl.

As well as being relaxing, it strengthens the foot muscles, which gives an incomparable feeling of lightness. After regular use of a Kaash Bowl your weight will settle differently on the soles of your feet. You will walk with a lighter step - almost as though your feet want to fly. This massage technique offers more. Ayurvedic literature mentions many times the connection between the use of Triphala Ghee and a positive influence on eyesight and a healthy relaxation of the eye muscles. The skin on the soles of the feet remains supple.

Helps prevent split skin and blockages in the bloodstream. Circulation is invigorated and in hot summer weather the lightly cooling effect (Pitta balancing) and soothing influence on the eyes is felt straight away. In winter the foot massage is exceptionally beneficial and helps prevent cold feet. The copper contained in the Kaash bowl supports the cleansing effect of the massage technique and the Triphala Ghee.

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